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When I was pregnant with my second child, my mom made me a beautiful three tiered diaper cake. The diaper cake started off as a centerpiece during my baby shower, then was moved to the nursery where it was used as room decor. I loved the presentation so much that I thought I would keep it forever, but all of that changed once my daughter was born. That diaper cake had served its visual purpose, now it was time to be used. 

When I was later invited to a baby shower, I knew exactly what gift I wanted to give, so I tried my hand at making a diaper cake. During the shower, a few of the guests commented on how real it looked, and thought it should be on the refreshment table instead of the gift table. This made me wonder what other type of culinary related gifts I could create. From there, I wrote the recipe for "A Tad of Pizzazz": a dash of creativity, a bunch of passion, topped with a sprinkle of love and heavy on the sugar to make it extra sweet!


Anika Tené

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